Chain Link Fences Chain link fence is very adaptable and has many use applications. We offer chain link fencing start from 2ft and up to 6ft high and available in between 9 and 12 gauge. You can choose either galvanized or vinyl coated in green, black or brown. For increased privacy, slats of various colors can be installed and placed in the fabric vertically or diagonally. Slats are available in many different types of materials, including vinyl, wood, and perma hedge. Chain-link fabric is offered in a number of different diamond sizes. Generally, the smaller the diamond size, is the stronger the fence. Posts and chain-link fabric can be metallic-coated or color-coated. Metallic-coated chain-link fences are available in galvanized, aluminized, galfan and galvinal coatings. Vinyl and polymer color-coatings are available in black, green and brown.  We install the following gauges of chain link fence:  6 Gauge (Heavy Industrial)  9 Gauge (Commercial)  11 Gauge (Residential) Fencing Considerations Utility Meters: Locate all your utility meters before deciding where the fence line will be. You might try to avoid having any utility meter inside the fence. If a meter is planned inside the fence, your gate may have to be unlocked so utility companies can read their meters. Municipality Regulations: Generally, a fence can be built without a permit in most locations if the fence is 6 feet in height or lower. However, every municipality has its own regulations and requirements for fences and should be determined before construction. A permit is usually required before construction to build a fence higher than 6 feet. Your Neighbors: Before a fence is built, just to be nice to obtain consensus with your next door neighbors on the style, height, orientation, and finish of the proposed fence. It is also wise to verify the official property line before the fencing starts. If you know you will need a survey, we will recommend a private licensed land surveyor for a fraction of the price of a city government.
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